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    Sponge Bob Sno-Cone Sponge Bob Sno-Cone

    Slide an ice cube or two down the chute, place the Krabby Patty hat back on top, and watch as SpongeBob spews out sno as you crank his handle. Squirt some flavor from the squeeze bottle and WA-LA!!

    Manufacturer: Little Kids

    6 in 1 Mission Style Coffee Table Golden Oak 6 in 1 Mission Style Coffee Table Golden Oak

    Includes both great games of and Plus 3 other Classic games of Backgammon, Checkers, and Chess Traditional table for entertaining and everyday use. Dimensions: 21.75" X 42.00" X 18.00" Available in: Cherry or Golden Oak

    Manufacturer: Shadle Enterprises

    Pull My Finger President Bush Pull My Finger President Bush

    Celebrate Democracy and the new America with The ALL-NEW, HILARIOUS PULL MY FINGER� President� (over 8" tall) Pull the Commander in Chiefs finger and he'll shake, fart and say 7 wacky phrases and a fart song in the off-beat tradition of our great leader, including:- FART! Thats what I call a flatulation proclamation! - Our nation must come, ugh, together (FART!) to ignite! - Osama (FART!), Your mama! - Hey, Sadaam - Here's a weapon of mass destruction - FART! -Mr. Prime Minister - FART! PULL MY FINGER� President� even plays the hit song, FARTS AND TRIPES FOREVER! from Pull my Finger, the Fart CD, Volume 2, as seen on this site! BATTERIES INCLUDED!

    Manufacturer: Pull My Finger

    Deep Sheep X large T Shirt Deep Sheep X large T Shirt

    These great t-shirts are made with 100% pre-shrunk heavy weight cotton. Printed in a full color and stuffed into a real milk carton. The milk carton itself is completely splattered with hilarious meanderings silly sayings and made up words. They will bring a giggle to any day,and make a great gift for any occasion.

    Manufacturer: Wooket

    Pull My Finger Santa Pull My Finger Santa

    Our 7" high plush "Jolly Fat Man" is a real gas! Pull his finger and he lets out any one of 7 "toots" and funny holiday phrases, including "Was THAT on your list?" and "Ahhhh, the holiday smells!" Nothing says, "The Holidays" quite like a gift of a farting, shaking fat man in a red suit!. 2 AA batteries included.

    Manufacturer: Pull My Finger

    Patrick SpongeBob Squidward Plush Set Patrick SpongeBob Squidward Plush Set

    Lets keep this brief, 7 inch Sponge Bob plush toys, well I'm convinced I'm going to purchase right away.

    Manufacturer: Colorbok

    ACM Auto Card Manager ACM Auto Card Manager

    Introducing the all new featherweight ACM, Auto Card Manager, designed to carry and protect all of your standard credit, identification and membership cards. When one of 6 buttons are lightly pushed, cards eject for convenient use. This highly innovative wallet technology comes with a removable money clip for your paper currency and receipts. The ACM comes with a total of 18 interchangeable button icons to cover every possible card combination. It�s an excellent idea for both men and women. Weighing only 2 ounces, the Auto Card Manager fits easily into any pocket or purse. The ACM comes in what's called Silver Reserve, an attractive brushed aluminum finish. This precision instrument carries a "Lifetime Warranty� and will stand up to all the rigors of the traditional wallet or money clip. It will easily protect your credit and smart cards from demagnetization and keep all of your cards looking new indefinitely. If you are looking for a new and innovative way to carry your credit, ID, membership cards and paper currency and you are ready to automate your wallet or money clip, you have found it!

    Manufacturer: ACM

    Jack Daniels Bar Stool Jack Daniels Bar Stool

    Drink to good company while sitting on the great looking Jack Daniels Bar Stool. Featuring: Padding for extra comfort for those drinking marathons, swivel seat for maximum bar fly maneuvering and more chrome than a Harley. Stands approximately 30" tall.

    Manufacturer: Shadle Enterprises

    Vegas Chess Vegas Chess

    Roll the dice on a Vegas chess set, it's a safe bet. At least here, the house doesn't ALWAYS win.

    Manufacturer: Big League Promotions

    Tickle Me Foot Tickle Me Foot

    It doesn't take much to turn the Tickle Me Foot on, just the flip of a switch and a slight touch. When that happens, this irresistible little foot with a ribbon tied around its toe starts twitching with sounds of joyful laughter. Practice your tickling skills with an always willing participant.

    Manufacturer: Spectrum Imports

    Bag Of Snow Bag Of Snow

    Truly a Christmas miracle!! When I first had seen this I was Wowed with a capital W. Your artificial tree (up to 7 1/2 feet) will give the appearance that it's actually snowing. What's the secret? It's has to do with the very clever Snowing Machine. The Snowing Machine opens up to form a basin for the falling snow, thus you wouldn't have to shovel your rug. Furthermore, it also recycles the snow using it over and over. Situated in the basin is the Snowing Machine motor. It attaches to a green pipe that will be camouflaged in the center of your tree. It is from this pipe the snow shoots out giving the illusion it's snowing on your tree. And have no fear your place doesn't need to be as cold as an igloo floating on an iceberg, the snow is as artificial as your tree. In actuality the snow is little white Styrofoam balls. Amazingly the motor which plugs into any wall socket, is as quiet as Silent Night!! As a matter of fact you can actually hear the snow cascading down the tree which provides a stimulating yet calming sensation. Better yet the visual will have your friends and family in a trance (a perfect time to slip all the money out of their Christmas cards). It's just way cool to see the pattern of the snow as it rolls down off the branches and ornaments. Other Thoughts...The Snowing Machine measures 24" by 24" and opens to form the basin which measures to approx. 4ft in diameter. You simply place your Christmas Tree stand in the basin and look at the picture above to see how easily the Snowing Machine and it's basin can be covered up in a decorative way. CONSIDER THIS?Now for the really cool concept. You have the option of using your Snowing Machine to celebrate other holidays or events. Below you'll see amazing handmade props which work with your Snowing Machine.

    Manufacturer: Hidden Heart and the Snowing Machine

    Glow Mutant Hand Glow Mutant Hand

    We told Joe to stay away from the barrels marked "radioactive," but when he dropped his sandwich into one he just had to go after it. Joe's hand will never again operate machinery, but now it can twist and stretch to unnatural lengths, creep down walls, and glow in the dark. This 9" x 5" thermo-elastic polymer hand will always spring back to its original shape and won't stick to hair, carpeting or fabric.

    Manufacturer: Accoutrements

    Stand-Up Knight Light tm Stand-Up Knight Light tm

    This fully-realized Knight in shining armor is complete to the last detail and stands ten inches tall. The figure and sculpted-stone base are crafted from high-quality resin and are extremely durable. The unique design of the shield and mace utilizes Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to create a cool blue glow. Included is the DC adapter, so it?s ready to plug in and light up.

    Manufacturer: Unique Products

    Overdrive Radio Overdrive Radio

    How cool is this? Listening to the oldies never sounded and looked so good. Steering wheel serves as convenient handle. Station Numbers light up emulating an old style speedometer. Sorry this classic car radio has everything except an ashtray. AM/FM stereo cassette player, separate bass & treble control, stereo headphone output jack. AC/DC UL approved. Uses 8 "D" batteries (not included). Unit Dimensions: 23"x8"x13" Color - Classic Red, White, Black If you know someone into old cars the Overdrive Radio makes for the perfect gift!!

    Manufacturer: RMK Sales Inc

    Flying Pig and Holly Cow Set Flying Pig and Holly Cow Set

    Get ready to squeal with laughter!! The Flying Pig goes hog wild and the Holly Cow goes slightly mad as they flap their wings and fly continuously around in a circle, suspended from their string!! Units use 2 "AA" batteries (not included) Pigs wing span measures approx. 15" and snout to curly tail measures approx. 5-1/2". Cows wing span measures 17" and nostril to rear measures approx. 7".

    Manufacturer: C&W River Corp

    Dog Coat-12 inch Bunny Pink and Yellow Trim Dog Coat-12 inch Bunny Pink and Yellow Trim

    Just in time for Easter look who is hopping down the bunny trail!! Click Select Type for available Colors and Sizes. Machine washable. Only $12.99 each.

    Manufacturer: Waitex

    Wiggling Hula Girl Wiggling Hula Girl

    This Hawaiian Hula Girl will transform any space into a tropical paradise!!! Each sturdy 8" ceramic Hula Girl doll is hand painted and has a green fiber skirt; the top and bottom halves connect with a metal spring for optimum wiggle action. Perfect as a dashboard ornament, desk decoration or kitchen table centerpiece.

    Manufacturer: Accoutrements

    Prehistoric Instant Product Prehistoric Instant Product

    For the kids this product is hard to beat. Drop an Instant Product pellet into warm water and within 45 seconds you have an instant sponge toy. Each set contains several pellets available in these themes: dinosaurs, farm, insects, bears, Christmas, robots.

    Manufacturer: Good Ideas

    Black Cd Holder Wallpaper Black Cd Holder Wallpaper

    Perfect for a teenager's room, a college dorm, or a cubicle, it's the CD Holder Wallpaper. Just imagine your walls covered with your favorite music!! Way cool!!! each CD Holder Wallpaper holds up to 24 cd's and includes 6 colored tacks for hanging. reinforced grommets for durability non-stick, archival quality, polypro sleeves (wow, to think I used to store my cd's in a shoe box) measures approx. 21" wide by 62" tall Available in Purple, Blue and/or Silver

    Manufacturer: Computer Expressions

    SpongeBob w/ Krabby Patty SpongeBob w/ Krabby Patty

    This cheerful SpongeBob plush wearing his Krusty Krab cap and armed with spatula will serve you up one of his beloved Krabby Patties, certainly with a smile!! Stands approx. 15" tall.

    Manufacturer: Colorbok

    Bin Laden Voodoo Doll Bin Laden Voodoo Doll

    Plan Of Attack...Target the torso with the 3 black pins (provided) and wish undoing to the master of evil, Osama Bin Laden!!

    Manufacturer: Vudu tu U

    Hearts And Kisses Spa Set Hearts And Kisses Spa Set

    Bath net, pedicure file, emery boards, cuticle sticks, nail brush, toe separators, heart shaped bath sponge, SpaCific body lotion, hot lips bath pillow & plastic drawstring carrying pouch.

    Manufacturer: Pendergrass

    Gopher Animal Golf Club Cover Gopher Animal Golf Club Cover

    These high quality golf covers might just bring out the animal in a golfer. Just look at Tiger Woods!! Makes a golfers bag stand out from the crowd!! P.S. At present time Baron Bob is not a golf club cover and is not for sale!!!

    Manufacturer: Wilson

    Relationship Ball Keyring Relationship Ball Keyring

    The battle of the sexes has a new secret weapon. It lives stealthily in your front pocket until a crisis occurs: "Maybe we should spend some time apart." Quick! Deploy your 1-1/2" plastic Relationship Ball. Shake the ball and look in the viewing window for 1 of the 20 helpful solutions to your domestic dilemma, such as "Say I'm sorry," "Make whoopee," or "Run like hell." Attached is a handy key chain so if you don't have the key to their heart at least you'll have the key to the Porsche.

    Manufacturer: Accoutrements

    Giant Martini Glass Giant Martini Glass

    The Giant Martini Glass is the perfect conversation and party piece!! Standing over 11 inches tall this Glass has real class!!! Warning:It's deep but not that deep, no high dives allowed!!

    Manufacturer: Fantazia

    Antenna Girl Antenna Girl

    Straight from the gentleman's club to your antenna!! Stands approx. 6 inches tall Material:Soft Polyurethane

    Manufacturer: Sellout Inc.

    Scream Inflatable 4 foot Scream Inflatable 4 foot

    Through the ages there have been many inflatables, however this one is definitely a scream. This masterpiece is modeled after the famous Edvard Munch's 1893 painting Scream.

    Manufacturer: On The Wall

    Sam Hamster Sam Hamster

    These are the wonderful collectible Gemmy's Dancing Hamsters. We will be adding new ones all the time so please make sure to check back.

    Manufacturer: Sunstar Industries

    Dog Coat-10 inch Bumble Bee Dog Coat-10 inch Bumble Bee

    The Bubble Bee dog coat will have your four legged friend buzzing around town in style!! Click Select Type for available Sizes. Machine washable. Only $12.99 each.

    Manufacturer: Waitex

    Dog Coat-12 inch Lion Dog Coat-12 inch Lion

    Instead of a woof let your furry friend let out a roar with the Lion dog coat.!! Click Select Type for available Sizes. Machine washable. Only $12.99 each.

    Manufacturer: Waitex

    6 Can Refrigerator-Metallic Red 6 Can Refrigerator-Metallic Red

    Indoors or out, on the road or in the office, the Cold Mate Personal Refrigerator keeps your food or drink cold and fresh. Featuring solid state refrigeration, this mini marvel conveniently and quietly stores sandwiches, fruit, snacks, bottled water, sodas, diet drinks and much more. With the included 9 ft, 12V car lighter adapter, you can keep your food and drinks cold and fresh during road trips, picnics, concerts. AND NOW for the first time there's the 110V AC/DC adapter included for usage in the home, office or anywhere indoors. Cold Mate can even store fresh bait on your next fishing adventure! Dimensions: 7 1/4" * 7" * 10 3/4" .

    Manufacturer: Princess International

    Pull My Finger Fred Pull My Finger Fred

    Go ahead? we dare you? Pull it! This 7" seated plush character shakes and makes a farting sound and then tosses off one of 10 hilarious random remarks!!!

    Manufacturer: Pull My Finger

    Hula Bottom Dressed Hanger Hula Bottom Dressed Hanger

    Forgot coming out the closet when you have these fun-tastic Dressed Hangers!!

    Manufacturer: McNaughton

    Dueling Banjo Hamster Dueling Banjo Hamster

    These are the wonderful collectible Gemmy's Dancing Hamsters. We will be adding new ones all the time so please make sure to check back.

    Manufacturer: Sunstar Industries

    Violin Virtuoso Violin Virtuoso

    Be a classical musician faster than you can say, "Yeah, baby!" You'll woo their world when you start playing "You Are My Sunshine" with this most special violin. As you draw the bow across the strings this digital little wonder will play all the right notes. You can even control the duration of each note. The Instant Virtuoso electronic violin works with two AA batteries (included) and features a total of eight timeless classics for you to perform.

    Manufacturer: Carlisle

    Interactive Light Show - Orange Interactive Light Show - Orange

    Now you can add drama and interest to any room with Infinity Optics, Interactive Light Show! This one-of-a-kind light sculpture creates a spectacular illusion of hundreds of glowing lights that seemingly have no end. Infinity Optics, Interactive Light Sh

    Manufacturer: Can You Imagine

    The Big Book of Revenge The Big Book of Revenge

    The economy�s doing great. The Stock market�s booming. Unemployment couldn�t be lower. Yet with all the good news, there are still a lot of jerks around, inflicting misery on the innocent and the upright. To deal with them and to right past wrongs, to turn the bullies of the world into sniveling wimps, it takes clever, devious, and downright nasty tricks and pranks. These scourges of the earth shall get their comeuppance. With the help of this compilation from revenge-master George Hayduke, nobody will ever mess with you again � or be brave enough to tell about it. Politicians, neighbors, landlords, lawyers, telemarketers, cheats, and many others will never know what hit �em! Of course, no one would actually exact revenge on someone like this, would he? Remember this, though: The Big Book of Revenge is for entertainment purposes only. George Hayduke is a modern Robin Hood � a champion of those who are sick of letting bullies run roughshod over them � who has taken up the cause of victims and little guys everywhere.

    Manufacturer: Kensington Publishing

    14 Can Refrigerator-Metallic Silver 14 Can Refrigerator-Metallic Silver

    Sized to fit almost anywhere, even in a car, this portable refrigerator will keep cold beverages handy while entertaining on the deck, or keep refreshments just a reach away in the family room. You can even stock it with soda and juice for the holding the big refrigerator door open. A see-through window lets you know when it's time to refill. A handle makes it easy to carry. Plugs into a home or car power outlet! It even has a warming mode to keep take-out piping hot on the way home. 15"Hx10-1/4"Wx11-1/2"D

    Manufacturer: Princess International

    Ping Pong Tin Ping Pong Tin

    This reproduction of a classic tin wind up from China is just a pleasure to watch. Turn the key in the tin's base and watch this two high speed combatants go at it... ping pong style! The players lean backwards and forwards as they smash the ball back and forth across the table at almost lightning speed. The tin measures 9 1/2 inches long and 6 inches high.

    Manufacturer: Schylling Associates

    Jim Florentine's Terrorizing Telemarketers Volumes 1 & 2 Jim Florentine's Terrorizing Telemarketers Volumes 1 & 2

    We know how everybody despises telemarketers. They are always calling you at the worst time, bothering you with products that you could care less about. You think to yourself, "When is this going to end?, When are they going to stop calling me?" Comedian Jim Florentine figured if they are going to bother him all the time, he might as well bother them back! So he started taping his phone conversations with them. From pretending to take a dump, to chewing in their ear, to getting robbed in the middle of a conversation, to just plain acting like a retard! As heard on the Howard Stern show Terrorizing Telemarketers CD 1 & 2 will have you and your friends begging for more!!!

    Manufacturer: Joe Florentine

    Bing Crosby Bing Crosby

    Enjoy two of Bing Crosby's all time greats - "Cheek to Cheek" and "Accentuate the Positive" as only Bing could sing 'em! Stands approx.20" tall. Requires 4 AA Batteries not included.

    Manufacturer: J Marcus Distributors

    Captain Carl Airforce Hamster Captain Carl Airforce Hamster

    These are the wonderful collectible Gemmy's Dancing Hamsters. We will be adding new ones all the time so please make sure to check back.

    Manufacturer: Sunstar Industries

    Toto 19 inch Large Ceramic Collectible Toto 19 inch Large Ceramic Collectible

    Toto - Large This unique hand-crafted, hand painted piece is a limited edition of only 1,000 pieces, and bears the Official Oz Seal as well as the signature of Crystal Merryman, Merrymac Chairman and designer. The first shipments of Toto were sold out by reservation before they arrived, so order now to avoid being left out! Toto is approx 16 1/2" long x 15 1/2" tall x 10 1/2" wide

    Manufacturer: Merry Mac Collection

    Monk Fountain Monk Fountain

    Take me to the monastery for this Monk knows how to indulge indeed!! I've seen a lot of water fountains however this one gets a halleluiah!! Watch as the water flows from the barrels spigot into the monks mouth and then overflows cascading down his robe. Masterfully crafted this colorful fountain is made out of a high quality resin and includes a noiseless circulating pump. Measurements: Basin approx. 28" in diameter, Stands approx. 14" tall.

    Manufacturer: Wine 'N' Things Unlimited

    Cafe Racer Mini Motorcycle Ferrari Red Cafe Racer Mini Motorcycle Ferrari Red

    Here's your opportunity to take a ride on the wild side without taking a third mortgage on the home. These mini motorized masterful marvels pack a real wallop with a speed up to 20 mph! Pocket Bike miniature motorcycles are only 35 pounds, lift it up without irritating your hernia and put it in your vehicle. It surely is the go anywhere at anytime means of transportation (super highways not recommended). Pocket Bike miniature motorcycle usage ideas: Stressed at work take a ride on your Pocket Bike (preferably in the parking lot not your cubicle) Get your buddies to get their own and start your own bike gang. At the next family barbeque have your mother-n-law pop a wheelie and yell, "I Rule!!"

    Manufacturer: Kikker 5150

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